Special Needs

Fitness To Travel Policy

Before making a reservation, you must advise Great Southern Rail if you are ill, injured or have a medical condition which may make it unsafe for you or other guests traveling on board our trains. Click here to download the full terms and conditions of Great Southern Rail’s Fitness For Travel Policy.

Special Requirements

Guests that may have any specific needs, or require special assistance, at any time during their planned rail journey on-board GSR’s trains should contact Great Southern Rail directly on 13 21 47 (within Australia) or 61 +8 8213 4592 (outside Australia) to obtain further information on how we can make your journey more comfortable.

Most special dietary requirements can be accommodated. Please request when you make your booking.

Obligation to Inform

Great Southern Rail staff will be pleased to assist you whilst you are on your train journey, however we are unable to meet the needs of guests requiring regular medical attention, nor to act as carers during the journey.

Prior to making a reservation for travel on GSR services, it is the individual’s obligation to inform GSR of special assistance that may be required to board, disembark, and manoeuvre on the trains during the journey. You must also, prior to making a reservation with GSR, inform GSR if you have an illness, disease or other medical condition, including advanced, complicated or multiple pregnancy. In some circumstances, Great Southern Rail may require you to provide a medical certificate giving clearance for travel before we can permit you to board.

GSR may refuse to confirm your reservation, boarding or remove you from the train, without any liability on its part, if:

  • you suffer from any illness, injury, disease or other medical condition which makes travel unsafe for you, other guests or employees;
  • you are pregnant and have reached the 30th week of the pregnancy (an “advanced pregnancy”);
  • you have a complicated or multiple pregnancy;
  • you have not complied with our medical requirements contained in our Fitness for Travel Policy in force and as amended from time to time;
  • your mental or physical state is a danger or risk to you, the train or any other person on board;
  • permitting you to board our trains and travel may put your safety or health in danger or at risk;
  • permitting you to board our trains and travel may put other guests and employee’s safety or health in danger or at risk.