Miners Memorial and Trades Hall

The short axis of this building faces east-west addressing the rising and setting of the sun in memoriam to over 800 miners who lost their lives working in the Broken Hill Mines. This structure is an important monument to the city for both tourism and education about Broken Hill’s rich mining history.

Walking past the walls lined with the names of miners, you will reach the ledge of this structure, which will give you full views of the rising sun, Broken Hill and the Outback beyond.

Visit Broken Earth with skyline views across town and the Indian Pacific below. Visit Trade Hall, a heritage-listed building home to the city’s first labour movement. Under the ‘United we stand’ banner, the Union successfully championed the 35-hour working week and defeated conscription in Australia. You will enjoy a live performance by local actors showcasing the early mining story and life in Broken Hill.

Recommended Fitness Level: LOW – coach tour with short walks required. No wheelchair access.


Platinum and Gold Service guests Included in your fare
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